Message from Shanta Ghosh
Chairperson,DC Group


Dear Mr.Das,

I am happy to learn that you are going to launch a website to share your work experience on Cancer Control and Tobacco Cessation to facilitate the generation of public awareness for its early detection, treatment and palliation.

It gives me immense pleasure that individuals like you is coming forward to provide useful information on cancer through your website with the active support of distinguished experts of cancer treatment. I am sure that the information in the website will inspire many of us to come forward to help build up a social network for the cause of cancer patients .

I wish you all success in your Endeavour and trust that you will fulfill your mission.

With best regards,
Yours sincerely.

Shanta Ghosh

Message from Nathan Grey


It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Mr Samiran Das on the successful launch of his website dedicated to cancer control. Mr Das is an American Cancer Society University scholar and has been associated with the Society since 2003 when he attended a Capacity Building Training Program for South Asian countries held at Oakland, California.

He received an International Achievement Award in June 2005 from the Society for his leadership in global cancer control. The award included seed funding that helped the Saktipada Das Memorial Foundation implement a cervical and breast cancer prevention program in the suburbs of Kolkata. I wish Mr Das every success in his endeavor of spreading awareness through his new website.

Nathan Grey, MPH
National Vice President for International Affairs
American Cancer Society
250 Williams Street
Atlanta GA 30303
Office: 404 949 6496

Message from Johana Ralston

Mr. Samiran Das

A.J.321, Salt Lake

Dear Samiran

It has been a pleasure to work with you since 2003 on our commitment to reducing the burden of cancer. Your work in cancer awareness and cervical cancer screening in particular have been critical to the health of women around Kolkata and the development of cancer control programming in the region.

Warm regards,


Johanna Ralston
Vice President, Global Strategies and
Managing Director of International Affairs
American Cancer Society
(917) 975-6626 (cell) (508) 270-4654 (office) (508) 270-4921 (fax)

Message from M.R.Rajagopal

Samiran Das,
A.J 321, Salt Lake,
Kolkata- 700091.

Dear Samiran

For all practical purposes, our medical system is telling the common man, "We have no time to teach you about cancer and how to avoid it. If you are a smoker, we have no facilities to help you to give it up. We do not even have the time or inclination to try to detect it early. But when you have full-blown cancer, come to us and we will do expensive imaging to assess its extent and then we shall use equipment worth crores and drugs worth lakhs to treat it. But if it is incurable, sorry, we do not have the time or medicines to treat your pain. And sorry again, we have no time for you if you are dying. You will have to go home and die suffering, deprived of all support."

It has been left largely to NGOs to create awareness and to try for early detection. And to provide for pain relief and palliative care. It stands to reason that NGOs in the fields of awareness, early detection and palliative care should be networking. Then the palliative care people can help spread awareness about cancer. And cancer NGOs will not need to look away when confronted with the person with advanced cancer.


M.R.Rajagopal MD
Chairman, Pallium India
PJRRA 65, Santhi
Pothujanam Road, Kumarapuram
Trivandrum 695011, Kerala, India.
Phone: +91 471 325 7400 (O)
+91 938 860 5681 (mobile)
Fax: +91 471 244 0306
email: (Office) (personal)
Message from Sutapa Biswas

Mr. Samiran Das
A.J. 321, Salt Lake,

Dear Samiran da

It is indeed a very noble initiative which only a person with your kind of commitment could take. We are all very proud of your achievements. Your dedicated service for the past decade sets an example for the younger generation to dedicate oneself in cancer control.

Here’s wishing you all the very best.

Warm regards


Ms Sutapa Biswas
Secretary MC & Executive Director
Cancer Foundation of India
47/2D Selimpur Road
Kolkata - 700 031. India
w) + 91.33.2415.7977
f) + 91.33.2405.6161
h) +91.33.2415.2419